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Articles & Podcasts


Making “Mr. Rogers & Me”: Benjamin, the filmmaker who created Mr. Rogers & Me, shares his account of meeting Bo and Fred Rogers and creating the film.

Yoga Chicago Magazine: A no-nonsense essay from Bo on meditation.

Simple Living, Simple Joy: A reprint of one of Bo’s essays in Ampers&nd, the Zoo Fence newsletter.

Communion & Community: From In Context

An Impatient Letter from God: Originally written by Bo for the 1989 Christmas newsletter, this article has been widely circulated online and was also read twice by Paul Harvey on his radio program, generating enormous response. The article has been reprinted in Bo’s third book, Just Another Spiritual Book.

Podcasts & Videos

The Paula Gordon Show: This site contains several audio clips from a recent interview with Bo on a syndicated radio show.

iHanuman: Listen to an extensive audio interview or watch several short video clips with Bo Lozoff.

Transcending Prison: meditation practice behind bars: In this interview, recorded live on July 8th 2008, Bo discusses prisons and prison work with host Joe Ritchie. KGNU, Boulder, CO. Just click on hemispheres

Sedona Talk Radio: Listen to two one-hour interviews with Bo Lozoff recorded live in 2008. Bo talks with host Jaia Lee about the state of our spiritual and cultural life, the consumerism of the “new age,” what living in faith really means, and so forth. Both lively conversations on Sedona Talk Radio. Go here to access both interviews. Scroll to the dates of June 1st or Aug 3rd..

Public Radio interview: Click here to listen to a podcast of a public radio interview given in March of 2006 during Bo’s tour on KXCI in Tucson, with host Amanda Shauger..

Tributaries, KGNU 88.5 FM in Boulder, and 1390 AM in Denver.