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Prison Yoga Project’s James Fox Visits HKF

We were so thrilled to have a visit from James Fox, author of “Yoga: A Path For Healing and Recovery.” James’s Prison Yoga Project provides free copies of his book to prison inmates. When he asked HKF to announce the free book in our newsletter, which goes to about 35,000 inmates, his project was swamped by the volume of requests. Sending packages into prisons is expensive and complicated, because every facility can make their own regulations about what’s allowed and how it has to be sent. HKF offered to send the packages on his behalf, and also to distribute the book to inmates who contact HKF directly. The collaboration between HKF and Prison Yoga Project has led to many more inmates receiving detailed yoga instructions they can follow even if they aren’t able to attend a class. Thank you, James, for making this valuable book available!


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