Staff & Volunteers

HKF Staff

Sita Lozoff
Spiritual Director
Catherine Dumas
Executive Director
Kristen Domeracki
Operations Manager


Amanda & Daniel

Headquartered in Central North Carolina, Human Kindness Foundation is run by an all-volunteer board of directors and just three paid staff. HKF depends upon volunteers to continue its work. Some people volunteer several hours each week, others come once a month. A typical work day may involve office work such as data entry, packaging of books & CDs, or working directly with mail from people in prisons. We currently send out thousands of books and CDs to people who are incarcerated each month. If you are interested in volunteering at Human Kindness Foundation, please contact us.

Volunteering with HKF takes place in our office, but if you are interested in volunteering in prisons, we highly recommend reading this wonderful PDF Guidebook for Volunteering in Prisons written by our board member Chris Canfield: Sacred Gates: Bringing Mindfulness to Prisons, a Volunteer Guide.