Celebrating 10 Years of Freedom

I went from being a "hopeless, homeless, barefoot, shirtless addict-alcoholic" to a well-loved, respected member of his community.

A Former Prison Monk Celebrates 10 Years of Freedom

John Collins was in and out of prison many times before he got serious about making a change. Near the beginning of a 10-year sentence as a habitual felon, John started using We’re All Doing Time and a 12-Step program to become a prison monk.

I went from being a hopeless, homeless, barefoot, shirtless addict-alcoholic looking for something to steal” to a well-loved, respected member of his community looking for some way to help.

John explains that the key was “to have a spiritual transformation or awakening while in prison, so that I would get out a different person, and have a chance to stay out.”

In 2011, Human Kindness Foundation asked John to be on our Board of Directors, and he has been an enthusiastic, helpful member since then. He also serves on other Boards and as a volunteer for several organizations. Meditation and service are daily priorities for John, like they were in prison.

In August of 2016, John celebrated the 10th anniversary of his release from prison.