Everybody's Angry!

Everybody’s Angry!

Anger is like drinking poison and waiting for it to kill your enemy.

Anger is a big one. For some people, it’s THE big one. It might be what landed you in prison, or ruined your marriage, or drove a wedge between you and your children. You might have lost jobs or friends because of your anger. Even for people whose outer lives are going well, anger can be a trap, sapping energy and stealing any chance at peace of mind.

Here at HKF, we frequently get letters saying something like, “I know I need to let go of this anger, but how do I do it?”

Since so many people ask that question, we decided to focus a whole newsletter on anger and how to work with it. We’ve asked some of our friends, in and out of prison, how they work with anger. We’ve quoted some well-known authors, too.

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Our hope is that in reading these thoughts about anger, you will find help, ideas, inspiration. You will know that you’re not alone: anger is present in almost everyone. And you will see that, although we can’t offer you one perfect answer that will make anger easy to work with, many people have found ways to conquer anger’s destructive power in their lives. If they can do it, so can you.

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