Prison Resources

Sacred Gates: Bringing Mindfulness to Prisons

Prison Volunteer Guide

by Chris Canfield

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Alternatives to Violence Project

AVP-USA is an association of community, school and prison-based groups offering experiential workshops in personal growth, community development and creative conflict management.

The Engaged Zen Foundation

EZF is a great Buddhist prison ministry.

Families Against Mandatory Minimums

FAMM is a wonderful organization working to reform unfair sentencing laws.


Lionheart offers the book Houses of Healing, part of the National Emotional Literacy Project for Prisoners.

Prison Activist Resource Center

The Prison Activist Resource Center provides support and assistance to groups and individuals working to reform the prison system.

Prison Mindfulness Institute

The Prison Mindfulness Institute (formerly Prison Dharma Network) is a nonsectarian, contemplative support organization for people in prisons and prison dharma volunteers.

Prison Phoenix Trust

The Prison Phoenix Trust is our sister organization in the United Kingdom. They do beautiful work spreading meditation and yoga throughout the British prison system.

Prison Volunteer Guide

If you are interested in volunteering inside prisons, we highly recommend reading this manual first, written by HKF Board Member, Chris Canfield. You can read it by clicking the link below.

Sacred Gates: Bringing Mindfulness to Prisons, A Volunteer’s Guide

Project Return

Project Return is a group that works with people who are, or used to be incarcerated using education, skills training, counseling and other programs to try and reduce the recidivism rate.