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Donations and sales of items in our store account for virtually all funding. All proceeds go directly to support the work of the Human Kindness Foundation, including its internationally respected Prison-Ashram Project.

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Finding your books that first time on that dusty bookshelf was like breathing in fresh air after emerging from a cave. I MEAN that. I went from stone-cold atheism to being a Jedi! I owe my peace and happiness to you guys!

'an old friend'

I wish you could see who I was 6-7 years ago to who I’ve become now. Then you would only see what a change the Human Kindness Foundation has had on me. My family write about it and fellow inmates see it that I grew up or something is different about me. There has been a deep spiritual change in me. Thank you HKF.

Chandler, Montana State Prison

With the help of your books and newsletters, I have come a long, long way in the past 13 years in prison – from a person filled with rage, hate, prejudice, lies, selfishness, and uncontrolled lust, to the person I am today – growing in love, peace, thoughtfulness, kindness and self control. May God bless you.

Bruce, San Quentin State Prison

I’m sad that our Bo has passed on, yet truly grateful for all he shared. I’ve been almost 22 years on this life sentence. You guys carried me through the hard times. I’ve dedicated my life to tutoring, helping inmates get their G.E.D.s. My life is about improving my community; I know I can make a difference.

Dale, Corcoran, CA