Deep & Simple by Bo Lozoff

Deep & Simple by Bo Lozoff

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Bo Lozoff’s book Deep & Simple was one of Mr. Rogers’ favorite books and is featured in the documentary titled “Mr. Rogers & Me: A Deep & Simple Documentary.”

The book is a practical, down-to-earth guide for every reader who sincerely wants to make changes in his or her life. It’s grouped into three sections:

1. Spiritual practice
2. Simple living
3. Dedication to service

In a deep, simple, and clear voice, Bo reminds us all that no matter where we are as human beings, whether in suburbia or on death row, there is a goodness inherent in the human spirit. We all matter, we all count, and we are all able to make a difference. All proceeds support the Prison-Ashram Project, which sends these books free to prisoners for 40 years now.

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  1. Edna P Dixon

    In nearly 80 years as a spiritual seeker, I’ve explored many paths, read the menus of many spiritual books and saved the recipes for many thoughtful appetizers and entrees. But this, Deep and Simple, is the buffet, the banquet, the full course dinner that feeds all spiritual longings. No matter what our religious philosophy, tradition, or “beliefs” may be, Deep and Simple serves as a perfect signpost, guiding our common paths to a more fulfilling life, in the here and now.

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