Finding Freedom

Finding Freedom

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Masters’ writing reflects the transformation he has undergone since receiving the death penalty, his burgeoning Buddhist practice, and his growing capacity to integrate that practice with insight and compassion into his life on Death Row.

***This is the Padma Publishing edition of Finding Freedom, published in 1997. There is a newer edition released by Shambala Publications in 2020, which you can order directly from Shambala if you prefer the updated edition.***

Jarvis Jay Masters is the first incarcerated author represented in our catalog.

183 pages; Paperback.

1 review for Finding Freedom

  1. sirharold simon

    This book was the most humorous and amazingly written but also painfully sad and realistic to the point I could not stop laughing out or crying out, wanting to meet Mr. Masters all because he brought me out of a dark place. Thank you.

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