In this lively telling, Bo Lozoff narrates and explains the “crest jewel of ancient India” with fresh relevance to modern times.

These recordings have drawn equal praise from long-time Ramayana lovers as well as listeners who are new to this classic tale. The Ramayana (“Way of God”) is a sacred epic that has inspired and instructed millions of Hindu worshippers for thousands of years.

In a golden past the world is overcome by Ravana, an evil warrior. God takes human form as the hero Rama, embarking on an epic journey to defeat Ravana and re-establish the flow of goodness on earth. A remarkable saga that brings to life the core of Hinduism.

These tapes were exquisitely produced by SoundsTrue Audio, and intersperse Bo’s narration with music and chanting by such luminaries as Jai Uttal, Krishna Das, and Bhagavan Das.

*BONUS* Following the Ramayana is 40 bonus minutes of sacred readings from other spiritual classics.

Three CDs; 180 minutes + 40 bonus minutes.